MOMAX3 Moringa variety: the Moringa industry's most productive seeds search for higher seed oil yield ends here
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The introduction of the long awaited Moringa Seed Variety MOMAX3 may finally change the World of Moringa.
MOMAX3 Moringa Seed variety for plantation for Seed oil production is a proprietary product of Advanced Biofuel Center and it has not authorised anybody to sell it on its behalf. The MOMAX3 is directly provided to the Growers or Project developers with appropriate unmatched agronomy practices

The Making of MOMAX3 Moringa Cultivar
MOMAX3 Moringa seed variety logoFrom 2008-2013 scientists at ABC were optimistic, far-sighted, and dedicated to ensuring the economic success of Moringa development. The creativity and inventiveness of its scientists has been ABC's greatest asset and has underpinned the Global Moringa economic success. The unveiling of new Moringa seed variety were viewed by many as catalysing forces that would project Moringa along the pathway leading to commercialization

Advanced Biofuel Center  (ABC) unveiled the highest yielding long productive variety worldly known as MOMAX3 Moringa seed for plantation for seed oil production. MOMAX3 was different and now, it is better, substantially better than others. MOMAX3 separated from all forms of competition by being something fresh and different, and it stays ahead by being better.

In the most trusted brand MOMAX3 Moringa cultivar to the ABC and, what romantics term, its liquid gold, entrepreneurs are committed equal amounts of toil and treasure to MOMAX3 Moringa farm development, hoping to share in the benefits of developing a profitable renewable natural resource, and reaching to attain the projected profitability and prosperity.

ABC's ability to achieve Seeds yields of 7MT/ha and greater in Year 13 have been ascribed to the confluence of several important traits influencing yield: 
high number of seeds per fruit (this elite  produces a large percentage of average 18
the comparatively heavy seed weight (over 30 grams/100 seed)
expressed early flowering trait (both after seeding and pruning) in comparison to the other conventional varieties. 
ABC reports an achieved rate of germination of between 90%95% when direct seeding its MOMAX3 Improved seeds.

ABC's new seeds promise to increase yield from 2-3  tones of Seeds per hectare per year for a tree of prime age, to more than 8 tones , , ,more than three times the industry average. The average yield of Moringa oil Seeds  elsewhere  in world  has been stagnant at around <1 tone of seed per hectare per year 


ABC is a crop science company, but by instinct it is a commercial multiproduct and services company seeking to valorize a range of products, services and business opportunities that are being developed around Moringa. The result of 10 years of applied investment and research is reflected in MOMAX3 Perennial Moringa cultivar, a suite of enabling technologies and an ambition to transform Moringa into a versatile crop for diverse agricultural and climatic environments.

MOMAX 3 is the first elite cultivar developed through the ABC's MOMAX Moringa Optimization Platform known as Moringa India. Moringa India is heading towards Moringa Revolution  with world's finest variety and  Effective techniques and technologies for farming at scale The  best crop management techniques introduced by Moringa India are enabling the grower to ensure a profitable sustainability for years to as  it increases output year after year and makes them more money.

The new seeds will also enable Moringa trees to reach maturity much faster. MOMAX3  Moringa tree starts to bear fruit 4  months after planting  and will produce a higher ratio of oil.

Ten  years work produces World's highest yielding Moringa Seed variety which keeps flowering and fruiting after 10 years. MOMAX3 seeds  have not been genetically modified and were developed through scientific selection method.

The seeds have been  introduced to ABC's own plantations first and after having amazing results: more than expected yield, later made available to independent growers/farmers

Dp Maharshi has described the new seeds as a breakthrough that was essential to delivering sustainable production of Moringa Seed oil to meet growing global demand. MOMAX3 Moringa seed  is an amazing breakthrough with Best practices for maximizing crop yield potential and minimizing Inputs Cost

The new seeds were part of the company's efforts to identify and adopt new techniques to improve sustainable agricultural practices for the industry as a whole. ABC has been making strides to lead the Moringa industry with sustainable Best  practices. 

Why Is MOMAX3 The Most Trending Thing In 2023? Here are the reasons

  1. Distinctively developed variety with genetic purity
  2. Comes with immersive experience that lets you to hone your insights and develop your project successfully
  3. Unparalleled insights on important agricultural issues
  4. Long productive life enhances the gains from capital investments
  5. The treasure of plentiful seeds and oil
  6. Consistently delivers superior germination rates, true-to-type performance, highest yield, best flavours, and more oil. averages 300% more High-Oleic Moringa oil per hectare compared to other varieties

The result? Sustainable prosperity

The commercial plantation of MOMAX3 Moringa for seed oil production is designed to be profitable over a sustained period and this is reflected in the farming triangle:
  1. Costs.    driven by harvesting and processing costs per ha
  2. Outcome.   driven by Genetics and GAP, yield per ha in MT
  3. Output     driven by Good Management, cost of production per ton

Key characteristics of MOMAX3 Moringa 

  1. Early (4-6) months bearing.
  2. Two  bearing per year
  3. High yielding. The trees average yield 5-9 tons seeds per ha per year
  4. Advanced Biofuel Center is recommending 1660 trees per hectare.
  5. Seed weight per 100 seeds: 37.5 g
  6. High oil contents: 40%
  7. Best performs with organic practices
  8. Productive life span: +10 years
  9. Germination: 95%
  10. Purity: 100%
  11. Genetic Purity: 99%

Standard Package of Practices

The planting of MOMAX3 perennial Moringa crop for plantation for seed oil production is considered to be a "high specialty " farming operation.

Essential factors which will determine efficacy of moringa seed oil production plantation are quality planting stock, Growing climate and Weather conditions at the time of planting.

The success of Project  depend not only on the quality of our products and services, but also on the quality of the information we provide to the moringa  project developer. Information furnished to our customers about our products and services, including adequate knowledge to implement , must be useful, accurate, supported by scientific evidence where relevant and presented honestly, fairly and by proper means.

Even a superior genotype variety planted in inadequate soil and improperly cared for, will be unable to reach its potential and will create dissatisfied stakeholders. Therefore, Just  to develop moringa failsafe farms to reap the potentiality of this crop we provide a detailed agronomy guidelines.

Just to facilitate you to start with correct know-how and knowledge about farm practices, we shall send " Standard Package of Practices" with seed order

The feedback we are getting from growers/project developers is that they are pleased to see a new investment in the industry with a longer term strategic approach.
The MOMAX 3 seedlings are expected to yield 8-9 tones of Seeds per hectare with 2 harvest per year

The interest from growers in acquiring MOMAX3 Moringa has been extremely high. They see it as providing them with a competitive edge because of its characteristics.

"MOMAX3 will give our growers a competitive advantage in the marketplace, maximize returns for our growers."

MOMAX3 Moringa seeds are also more resistant to disease and drought.

Economics of MOMAX3 Moringa Variety

MOMAX3 increases the profitability of Moringa to greater than 300 percent above existing commercial varieties. This equates to more than  950 gallons per ha , enabling the large-scale growth of the oil industry and development opportunities for community farmers, plantation developers and renewable energy investors.

MOMAX3 Moringa seed variety help you to join the biggest opportunity in Moringa world ahead 2023 as MOMAX3 Moringa can help you to better produce, process, and profit from your oil plantation. The brightening effect of MOMAX3 on output sparkle through the outcome and financial bottom lines

Start your Moringa seed oil Plantation Project with

  • High performing Seeds
  • Enhanced Agronomy Solutions and
  • Key Strategies

Watch MOMAX3 Moringa Plantation vedios here:
Being profitable is the main goal of every Moringa farm business. The Moringa Farm profitability depends on three main factors: Yield, Revenues and Production costs. The acquiring of MOMAX3 Moringa Seed and know-how shall reduce the production cost, increase the yields, and ultimately enhance the profitability. 
If you are looking for Moringa Plantation for seed oil production and want Excellence in Moringa Oil Production, obtain MOMAX3 Moringa seed Variety,  order MOMAX3 seeds now

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Momax3 Moringa Seed Variety: Most Productive. Years Ahead. The Origin Of Your Success
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