Frequently Asked Questions About MOMAX3 Moringa Seeds

Q. 1. What is MOMAX3 Moringa seed?

A. The result of 10 years of applied investment and research is reflected in MOMAX3 Perennial Moringa cultivar, a suite of enabling technologies and an ambition to transform Moringa into a versatile crop for diverse agricultural and climatic environments. MOMAX 3 is the first elite cultivar developed for Moringa seed oil production by Advanced Biofuel Center. The yields and profitability of MOMAX3 far exceed what is currently available through existing varieties of Moringa. MOMAX3 increases the profitability of Moringa to greater than 300 percent above existing commercial varieties. This equates to more than  950 gallons per ha , enabling the large-scale growth of the oil industry and development opportunities for community farmers, plantation developers and renewable energy investors.

Q. 2. What is improved seed?

A. Ten  years work produces World's highest yielding Moringa Seed variety which keeps flowering and fruiting after 10 years. MOMAX3 seeds  produced through scientific selection method. A popular variety produced by scientific method is called improved seed.

Q. 3.  Is it NON-GMO?

A. Yes, these are NON-GMO. MOMAX3 seeds  have not been genetically modified and were developed through scientific selection method.

Q. 4.  Are MOMAX3 Seeds Organic?

A. Though we maintain our MOMAX3 Moringa farm more than organic but seeds certification as organic never come to demand

The claims “Organically grown seed produces hearty, robust plants already adapted to organic growing conditions” We consider a silly statement. Seeds and plants do not know they are being grown organically. Seeds are not ‘adapted’ to organic conditions. The genetics of the seed does not change after growing plants organically for a few years. Good quality seeds from organic farms or conventional farms will grow equally well in your soil.

MOMAX3 Moringa cultivar responds to organic growing very well and we strongly recommends to grow it organically

Q. 5. When should I source my seed?

A. Starting early is a good idea, as you need around 2 months for nursery stage.

Q. 6. What is physical purity?

A. The freedom from inert matter and defective seeds is known as physical purity. MOMAX3 are 100% Pure.

Q. 7. What is inert matter?

A. Inert matter includes non-living materials like sand, pebbles, soil particles, straw etc. No such materials found in MOMAX3 Moringa seed lots

Q. 8. What are defective seeds?

A. Seeds which are broken, disease infested, insect damaged, undeveloped and unfit for germination are called defective seeds. While grading seeds we take out all such defective seeds

Q. 9. What is germination?

A. Emergency of normal seedlings from the seeds under ideal conditions of light, temperature, moisture, oxygen and nutrients is called germination. MOMAX3 seeds have +91% germination

Q. 10. What is seed testing?

A. Process of evaluation of seed in terms of purity and germination is called seed testing. Our MOMAX3 seeds have International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) Certificate for seeds quality i.e. Germination percentage and Physical Purity

Q. 11. What are components of seed based on germination?

A. Based on germination, seed is divided into following five components:

(i) Normal seedlings: It includes seedlings with normal growth of root and shoot.( 91 out of 100)

(ii) Abnormal seedlings: Seedlings which are unable to develop into normal plants.(4 out of 100)

(iii) Hard seeds: Seeds which do not absorb water.(0 out of 100)

 (iv) Dead seeds: Inviable seeds.(5 out of 100)

Q. 12.  What is the difference between PKM1 Moringa seeds and MOMAX3 Moringa seed?

A. The main deference in PKM1 and MOMAX3 is summaries as below:-

Sl No

PKM1 Seeds

MOMAX3 Seeds


It is an annual variety

It is a perennial variety


It's life span is Max 2 years

It’s productive life span


ratoon crop may add 2 more

is +10 years





It starts bearing after 9-10

It starts bearing in 4-6 month





It gives per tree 250-300

It gives per tree 800-1000


fruits(pod) per year



It pods are more fleshy but with less seeds

It's pods are strong, long and


have more seeds


average 16 seeds per pod


Per ha it gives less than one ton seeds

Per ha it gives 5-10 tons seeds



It's Seeds have less oil

It's seeds have more oil (+40%)

Q. 13. What are the Key characteristics of MOMAX3 Moringa

A. The main characteristics of MOMAX3 Moringa

  • Early (4-6) months bearing.
  • Two  bearing per year
  • High yielding. The trees average yield 5-9 tons seeds per ha per year
  • Advanced Biofuel Center is recommending 1660 trees per hectare.
  • Seed weight per 100 seeds: 30.5 g
  • High oil contents: 40%
  • Best performs with organic practices
  • Productive life span: +10 years
  • Germination: 95%
  • Purity: 100%

Q. 14.  What are advantages of improved MOMAX3 Moringa seed?

A. Improved seed results in:

(i) Better germination.

(ii) Vigorous seedling growth.

(iii) Higher crop stand.

(iv) Better quality of produce, and

(v) Higher crop yield 300% more.

(vi) Higher oil yield, +42%

Q. 15.  In which countries MOMAX3 Moringa  can be grown?

A. In all Moringa Growing countries across the globe

Q. 16.  What is the agronomy or package of practice for MOMAX3 Moringa Plantation

A. To develop Moringa failsafe farms to reap the potentiality of this crop we provide a detailed agronomy guidelines. Just to facilitate you to start with correct know-how and knowledge about farm practices, we shall send " Standard Package of Practices" with seed order

It may kindly noted that MOMAX3 is our Proprietary Product and we haven't authorized no one  to sale it
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