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The Moringa Health & Food industryís most productive seed variety  MOL'E unveiled for leaf harvesting by the inventor of MOMAX3 Moringa Seeds

A Whole New Way to Approaching Moringa Cultivation for Leaf Production

A state-of-the-art Cultivation technology and new moringa seeds "MOL'E" look set to push the boundaries in both Quality leaves production and sustainability.


MOL'E Moringa seed variety for leaf farmingAdvanced Biofuel Center (ABC) reports progress with World's First Elite Moringa Cultivar for Leaf Production. ABC has unveiled the Moringa Health & Food industryís most productive seeds, which promise to deliver four times the yield of the industry average

Marking the successful completion of 11 year journey of research, trials and experiments, ABC announced that it has developed the Moringa industryís most productive seeds for leaf Harvesting and named it as "MOL'E" Moringa, the seeds are being hailed by ABC as a breakthrough in Moringa Health & Food productivity that could yield 30 tons of superior quality dry moringa leaves per ha per year in a Super High Densitive Moringa Farming System for leaf harvesting.

The Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) is a bioenergy crop research and development company that is meeting global demand for sustainable plant oil, specializing in the development of Moringa as a low-cost, sustainable source of oil, earlier announced the launch of MOMAX 3, a proprietary cultivar of Moringa optimized for Moringa growing conditions with yields 300 percent greater than existing varieties.

MOMAX 3is the first elite cultivar developed through the ABC's MOMAX Moringa Optimization Platform known as Moringa India and now MOL'E is the second cultivar developed specifically for Moringa cultivation for leaf purpose. The platform provides growers and plantation developers with access to the highest yielding and most profitable Moringa in the world, specifically optimized for their unique growing conditions.

ABC is a crop science Research & development entity, but by instinct it is a commercial multiproduct and services company seeking to valorize a range of products, services and business opportunities that are being developed around Moringa. In common with its peers the company initiated its operations in the second half of the first decade of this century. Its research focus was India, the region of origin for Moringa, where it developed an extensive germplasm library. The result of 11 years of applied investment and research is reflected in MOL'E Moringa cultivar, a suite of enabling technologies and an ambition to transform Moringa into a versatile crop for diverse agricultural and climatic environments.

ABC has launched the commercial planting programme for its new MOMAX3 Moringa variety, which has already drawn strong interest from potential growers because it has a number of advantages over the other existing varieties, said Advanced Biofuel Center founder & CEO  Dp Maharshi in a statement .

"The super high intensive Moringa farm is a technology for leaf production that Moringa India, Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC)  has mastered in cooperation with many of its clients, which enables a very notable increase in profitability in comparison to traditional Moringa farms. "

Farming unlike mechanics has many variances under the same input environment.    Many different methods of establishment, farming and harvesting are possible. Yield is a function of water, nutrients, heat and the age of the plant and other. ABC has specifically developed and designed best different technology for harvesting Moringa leaves and for Moringa Seed Oil with ways to guide towards the right balance of cost, yield, and labour and finally cost per MT

When the first super intensive Moringa farms were planted at the beginning of the first decade of 21st century, there were many unknowns about the new crop model: the duration of plantations, ideal frames, suitable varieties, pruning, fertilization, irrigation, etc. The experience acquired over more than 15 years with the different plantations has made it possible to improve the initial approaches and dissipate many of the doubts the system raised.

The keys to the success of the super high density system reside in: 100% best Practices for planting harvesting with superior genotype planting seeds

 Key Factors

Varieties: The selection  of the variety is one of the fundamental aspects of obtaining a good result. ABC's scientists working on Moringa has developed best variety for leaf harvesting Named as MOL'E.

Enhanced Harvest:The super high density system requires fields designing to ease the harvest process with less Man, Money and time.

Planting Standard

  • Planting depth of Moringa Plants.
  • Root management is the key to successful Moringa
  • Planting and early care of Moringa Trees
  • Creating a flow chart for planting operations. 
  • Sanitation And Disinfection: Sanitation and disinfection are two critical components of all disease control programs. Before you plant your Moringa , it is to make sure that your soil is ready for it.
  • Weeding & Mulching: Mulching can either help or hinder development of a plant disease, depending on the system
  • Biological Control: Integrated Pest Management
  • Farm Practices to Get the Best Out of Foliar Bio-Fertilization/ Natural and organic production

Pruning standard: The super high density system requires  for a high level of pruning standard i.e. efficient, effective and time lined

Characteristics of the system

Plantation density: Planting frames are mainly chosen based on the vigor of the varieties, Topography of the land, the fertility of the soil and the irrigation scheme. A distance between plants within the lines of 20 Cm to 60 CM, a separation between rows of 60 CM to 120 CM, and a limit on the height of the Moringa tree at 1-2 m makes it possible to form a continuous leaves harvesting, which receives the perfect amount of light and is capable of sustained productions over the years.

Production: Entry into production is very rapid as a production of Biomass 6-800 T/ha is obtained per year. The results obtained over these years of experience in the various Moringa-growing zones show sustained production of leaves powder of between 2-30 T/ha.

 Profitability: The super intensive system has significantly reduced the Plantation and harvesting cost ultimately  a very notable increase in profitability

Harvest quality: The use of best technology allows for a quick harvest at the optimal time; the Moringa leaves  do not touch the ground, nor are they damaged and they are immediately taken to processing plants. All of these factors lead to a high quality leaves (100% Pure and Fine) which preserves the characteristic aromas of the plant.

Farm Management : One of the most important qualities of every successful Moringa farm manager is setting SMART goals. Setting SMART goals is an excellent way to tackle the challenges in farm management. Generally, SMART goals are just a drop in the sea to achieve optimal business performance. Still, itís definitely a good beginning for every grower who wants to improve his production and bring about some significant changes

The SMART stands for the following five characteristics:

1. Specific: A specific goal is well-defined and therefore, exactly oriented towards a precise business area.

2. Measurable: For a grower, setting the goals which can be measured, means having the possibility to check his progress and compare achieved results with planned.

3. Assignable (or attainable): In order to make sure that the goal will be realized, every successful farm manager will determine a person responsible for its realization.

4. Realistic (or relevant): Itís extremely important that business goals are achievable. In response to that, when setting a goal, a grower should carefully consider his current business situation.

5. Time-bound: The goals must be defined within a time frame.

Moringa India, ABC  have laid down  Design Principles for a Profitable, Productive, & Sustainable Moringa Farm. Known as the gold standard in the Moringa Industry, Based on research and professional experience ABC offers Best Moringa Care Practices for leaves Production.

ABC has been making strides to lead the Moringa Health & Food industry with sustainable agricultural practices

A ABC spokesperson told Eco-Business that the seeds, which have been in development for more than 11 years, have not been genetically modified and were grown from Pure Selection.

Dp Maharshi said that the new seeds were part of the companyís efforts to identify and adopt new techniques to improve its own sustainable agricultural practices and those of the industry as a whole.

"Reaping the fruits  of your labour is not an easy process, but rather one fraught with risk, potentially causing high levels of stress if not thoughtfully planned, designed and implemented." he further added

Building efficiency into the physical and logistical details of harvesting Moringa  Leaves, drying and process for powder, handling fresh harvested leaves  for washing, sanitizing, drying   and powdering  the final dried and cured leaves help us to  streamline the operation as the industry scales into a standardized and commercialized Moringa sector, this becomes even more important for us.

A well-planned cultivation design contains layout attributes to benefit both growing and harvesting operations. Drying and storage require simple, yet refined systems that use physical space and material work flow to produce a high-caliber final product. These spaces need to be designed with optimal temperature and humidity considerations, and controls in mind.

Once cutting down, harvesting and pre-processing is accomplished, it is critical that adequate space has been designated for finalizing the material into a marketable product.

By investing in harvest planning and operations, we're investing our brand and the industry's reputation. This isnít just our job as a producer: It is our responsibility to the industry and our customers as well.

By approaching ground zero to harvesting properly with planning and standardization in mind, we set to produce world's most productive Moringa seeds for plantation for seed oil purpose as well as for quality leaf production in quantities

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