how to start a biodiesel project

How to Start a Biodiesel Project

Concept→ Planning →Development →Production→ Profit

ABC Project Development HELPS YOU SUCCEED. 

We plan, develop, and execute initiatives to help you grow and determine your best path forward. Our Biodiesel experts provide clarity to bring your Biodiesel project to reality,

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the growth of biodiesel business worldwide

What We Do

Our Areas of Expertise

ABC Project Development can provide the information and answers you need to move your project forward whether you are starting from project conception or have a fully-operational facility. Our experience and knowledge right from growing the biodiesel crops to making biodiesel in the industries is unsurpassed. 

  • Agri-Engineering and Project Development services offered
  • Conceptual and Preliminary Designs for 2nd and 3rd generation Biofuels
  • Biodiesel Process Modeling
  • Biodiesel Engineering Studies
  • Biodiesel Feasibility Studies
  • Biodiesel Business Plans
  • Biodiesel Project consultancy
  • Biodiesel Project Management
  • Biodiesel Feedstock selection and Production Plan
  • Biodiesel Feedstock Resource Assessments and Procurement Plans
  • Biodiesel Product and Co-product Marketing Plans
  • Land identification/ Site Selection and Site Development
  • Biodiesel Education & Trainings
  • Construction of biodiesel plants
  • Biodiesel Economic Impact Analysis

To start with Biodiesel Business you need:-

  1. Extensive knowledge support
  2. Enhanced knowledge support
  3. Enhanced agronomy support
  4. Elite and improved inputs
  5. Expertise & consultancy
  6. Effective management

Implementing its vast agronomic knowledge base and in-depth experience, BBA has proven highly successful in growing biodiesel crops. Driven by a philosophy of knowledge sharing and learning by doing we have developed a set of knowledge solutions which shall provide you the Preliminary assessment to develop a Project vision. To have an enhanced proprietary knowledge on various biodiesel crops you may have following products

The sequence of services required for establishment of large scale Failsafe Fuel Farming from ground zero to harvesting stage shall be as below:

  1. Feasibility study to determine the suitability of growing the Jatropha oil crop
  2. Complete & comprehensive Business Plan
  3. Execution of the Plantation Project
  4. Construction of crushing and biodiesel facilities

We create FAILSAFE FUEL FARMS with application of CJPs Crop Cultivation and Management Techniques.. The Plantation Program has 6 key elements:

The Plantation Program has 6 key elements: 

Consultation & Planning

Project Delivery

Maintenance Monitoring & Management

  1. Detailed Feasibility Study
  2. Business Plan

  1. Site selection & land development
  2. Site preparation & Plantation Establishment
  3. Irrigation System design & Construction (if required )

  1. System Operation & Maintenance
  2. Detailed Monitoring & continual work

Each component is tailored to meet site specific factors, 


Determining / knowing where to place your Jatropha project is critical, and requires a holistic view of certain key criteria for site selection. Land identification is a pre-requisite to development of a Project plan and to meet this requirement Pre-feasibility Study / Feasibility study is required to be getting carried out from the competent experienced agency. To ensure that each bio-diesel project is attainable and relevant; BBA conducts an in-depth feasibility study to analyze and assess each facet of the project. We make sure to keep an eye on the big picture, while addressing each and every detail. For more visit various pages


While there is a lot of time and effort that goes into the development of a business plan including performing feasibility studies identify business opportunities that can be implemented. Business plans use a strategy to optimize the opportunities presented by a feasibility study. Some of these elements can be more effectively targeted when you have the experience that BBA has in the industry. BBA offers a better product for less money than most other companies doing targeted Jatropha biodiesel consultancy. We make the integration of our experience and professional knowledge with findings of the feasibility study and formulate customized Biodiesel Business Plan MORE

BBA provides long-term advisory services for development strategy and project implementation.

Biodiesel Crop Solution Consultancy

Consultancy at Planning stage

Consultancy at Pre-plantation stage

Consultancy at Plantation stage

Other Post Plantation Services

  Preparation of a pre feasibility study

  Preparation of a business plan for the implementation of the feasibility study

  Farm Designing, Sourcing of elite planting stock and

  Consultancy to create scientific nursery and manage and maintain it


  Execution of Plantation

  Consultancy for crop transplantation and crop upkeep

  Training to staff

  Crop management services

  Intercropping technology

  Couple oil crop technology

  Crop care management

  Construction of crushing plants

  Construction of biodiesel plants


Our experts are constantly developing innovative solutions to help reduce the risks involved in producing bio-diesel crops and improving your bottom line. We believe the best results come from a long-term partnership with our clients. Thats why we get involved right from ground zero and continue to collaborate throughout the lifecycle of the project. We can manage any project, small or large. By harnessing some of the most advanced and enhanced technology in the world we give you the invaluable ability to make real-time decisions. Finally, you get the benefit of in-depth agricultural knowledge and expertise. We have a world-class team of agronomists, engineers, trainers and technicians who are ready to provide support and advice.

The key to the success of any project is to use experienced professionals and to get them involved in your project early. Many people try to go it alone initially to save money. It always ends up costly. Your project consultant is your starting point. He or she is going to be your right hand throughout your project. Get one you trust early on and follow their advice!






The biggest business opportunity of 21st century is just waiting you. We are just a phone call or e-mail away from you we shall be happy to develop your project vision, plan and finally executing the project for a profitable sustainability

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