“Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology toward the organic, the gentle, the elegant and beautiful.” 

“An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory.” 

 E.F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered


We plan, develop, and execute initiatives to help you grow and determine your best path forward.

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A new biodiesel entrepreneur has basic biodiesel business concerns and BBA is here to HELP YOU SUCCEED.

Five most important questions we answer to prospective biodiesel business entrepreneur

  1. what size of plant should I build
  2. where do I get my feedstock and what does it cost
  3. where do I sell or use my biodiesel
  4. what do I do with byproducts
  5. can I make a safely and protect environment while making profit

Plant size and cost

What size of plant should I build and what cost

Ø  let your feedstock supply determine the plant size

Ø  match your market size

Ø  start small and then expand

Ø  determine financial resources

Ø  thumb rule $ 1/gallon capacity

Feedstock type comparison

Why feedstock price is important

  • Feedstock: 85.1%
  • Chemicals: 2.6%
  • Energy: 0.7%
  • Labor: 2, 3%
  • Depreciation: 6%
  • Overhead and maintenance: 3.3%

Feedstock resources

Plant size consideration

  • Batch plant cost less than a continuous plant
  • Batch plant footprint is usually larger than continuous plant footprint
  • Batch plant can be operated for short period of time
  • Flow rate through a continuous plant must be balanced and run 24x7

Small plant considerations

  • Safety is most important
  • Batch plants are preferred
  • Quality of biodiesel produced
  • Government regulations and taxes
  • Environmental regulations
  • Government Registrations and permits

Do your homes work? - IMPORTANT

  • Conduct a feasibility study
  • Write a business plan
  • Do your researches before you start your biodiesel business?
  • Look at financing
  • Understand markets
  • Meet all regulation and permits

Why conduct a feasibility study

  • Learn about industry and business
  • Provide information for a business plan
  • Determine if you can enter into the business and can make profit
  • Requirement of finance
  • Understanding the risks involved

Part of a business plan

  • Request page
  • Table of contents
  • Executive summary
  • Business description
  • Management
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Product of services
  • Manufacturing plan
  • Financial data
  • Support documents

Points to remember while write a business plan

  • Be honest
  • Describe your company image
  • Write in easy to understand term
  • Provide the reader a understanding of your business
  • Evaluate company’s management team
  • Strategic planning
  • Quantity your market
  • Illustrate major points
  • Nature and complexity will vary
  • Business plan is your sales document

Winning strategies

  • Low cost feedstock
  • Know biodiesel market
  • Have a plan for by-products
  • Safety
  • Understand properties of your biodiesel

Biodiesel quality concerns

Why quality is important

  • ASTM D5751  must be met
  • Liability issue
  • Engine life and performance
  • Quality, performance and safety are all related

Area of efficiency

Potential areas of efficiencies in a small plant are

  • Feet stock selection, production or procurement
  • Market and production flexibility
  • Trade time for equipment
  • Washing methods
  • Methanol removal

What is on horizon?

  • Solid catalyst
  • New feed stocks
  • Small niche plants
  • Low energy plants
  • Integration with other processes and plants
  • New or different technologies to make biodiesel

In light of above narrative guidelines/factor you need a experienced competent agency to conceptualize your idea in a business format   and help you to set your dreamed project from ground zero to grand profit

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