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We have developed a highly productive variety of the plant and a set of best practices that will enable high oil yields named “DI03SAP™.

Since the oil extracted from its seed is used to extract bio-diesel, rising of extensive plantations of this species in wastelands is essential. Identifying high yielding trees with good genetic qualities, for large scale production of true-to-type p plants are essential.

To take it to a step forward to ensure better uniformity, improved self-branching, early flowering and higher productivity, we focused on understanding the unique properties of the plant that can be manipulated to coax it to reach its fullest potential and the extensive research resulted in mass propagation technology.

BBA's proprietary technology for the mass production of Pongamia Pinnata plants from mini-cuttings obtained from the mother plant raised throughDI03SAP ™seed enables a significant production increase over traditional propagation methods.

-quickly scales large Pongamia Pinnata projects with consistent, high yielding Pongamia Pinnata.

-Facilitates production of the large volumes of low-cost crude Pongamia Pinnata oil required by major energy, oil and transportation consumers.

-Requires 1/75ththe land needed to produce cloned plants by micro propagation, with the added benefits of HYV vigor, strong roots and overall improved plant health.


Compared to the traditional stem-cutting rooting, mini-cutting has many advantages leading to operational, technical, economical, environmental and quality benefits. Operationally, the labor demanded and cost is markedly reduced, due to elimination of labor intensive treatment with growth substances and many other operations required in an extensive outdoor clonal hedge management system. Many field operations like soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, cultivation, weeding, pest and disease control, sprout transport etc are replaced by intensive activities in smaller indoor areas at much lower costs, where the amount of chemicals used is also drastically reduced. The rooting ability of mini-cutting is much higher than the stem-cuttings. Mini-cuttings produce better quality root system.

Through multiple years of remarkable performance and a knowledge base gained through the evaluation and pre-examination of CJP’s entire elite stock of superior genotypes, CJP is now able to select and scale the top performing DI03SAP ™for commercial projects in multiple geographies around the world. CJP is able to more accurately forecast expected productivity and economics levels over the lifetime of a project.

DI03SAP™ Identified Elite Class 1 Pongamia Rooted Cuttings Plants

With Scientific advancement CJP has selectively bred certain high yielding Pongamia plants and developed our identified high-yielding Pongamia Rooted Cutting Plants for creating FAIL SAFE FUEL FARM with Standard Package of Practices (SOP) enable DI03SAP™ Rooted Cutting sapling to enhance productivity to achieve greater yields over the lifetime of the plantation with the right crop inputs and management

We offer to supply our DI03SAP™ saplings prepared in soilless media to create failsafe Fuel Farm.

•      Micro-propagation of plants done in Rooting Chamber in Rajasthan and sent by Air

•      Working time:   90 Days from confirmation of order/payment

•      Packing: Polystyrene (Thermacole) Boxes

•      Shipment: by AIR

•      QUANTITY: As per requirement, (minimum 10,000 plants)

•      FOB PRICE: ??

•       ALL PAYMENTTERM: 100 % Advance

•       Phyto sanitary charge: included


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