Jatrophaworld is unique because of the capability to deliver an integrated "One Stop Shop" service system called Fuel Plantation Package to the agricultural sector world wide for designing and developing "Failsafe Energy Farms" 


We have developed a coordinated, specifically tailored process that combines the elements required for Agri-Fuel-business operations.


Our organization has the experts/processes/systems capability to provide following online services to those who wish to enter into the exciting biofuel business and looking for an integrated service provider with capability, competency and expertise on very affordable and reasonable cost:

  • Initial Agricultural Assessment Of A Particular Site Location

  • Desk Top Agro-Feasibility Study Report

  • Feasibility Study Report

  • Project Planning

  • Jatropha/Pongamia/Moringa/Simarouba/Castor/Jojoba  Farming Financial Viability Assessment

  • Formation Of Fuel Farming /Biodiesel Business Plan

  • Nonfood Biodiesel Agricultural Consulting like Jatropha/Pongamia/Moringa/Simarouba/Castor/Jojoba 

  • Growing Assistance & Advice

  • Suitable Inter-Crop Recommendations

  • Biodiesel  Farm Design Service

  • Sourcing Of Elite Planting Stock

  • Quotations Assessment

  • Farmland irrigation development and land leveling

  • Execution Of Plantation

  • Site Construction Supervision

  • Crop Care

  • Fertilizer and pesticide type, rate and application method selection

  • Farm tillage methods

  • On Line Farmer Training Programs

  • Jatrophaworld Professional Analysis Services


We can provide you with all or any of above online services individually or in any combination, depending on your specific needs. You may hire our services for the period of your requirement on agreed terms  and conditions and be benefited with our services in growing your fuel farm without bearing the financial burden of engaging a full time team of experts .


Further details regarding Registration for hiring of our ONLINE FUEL PLANTATION SERVICES contact


Director (Services), CJP




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