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An On-Moringa Farm Field Day

July 11, 2021

10.00 am 4.00pm

Moringa India Farm


The Majestic Moringa is fast making its name globally. It is the Swiss Army knife of nutrition. Moringa Oleifera, the miracle tree domesticated in Indian almost 2,000 years ago, has come a long way today to become a symbol of the fight against growing nutrition deficiency across the globe apart from also becoming a fad among the rich. A naturally occurring bio-fortified crop suited to the climatic conditions of the region, Moringa is unusually rich in its nutrition content literally from top to bottom.

Moringa Field day shall be like  a live, interactive slideshow of agriculture making of Moringa from "Soil to Superfood" that touches all the participant's senses.

On Moringa Field day  the Moringa India Farm is to showcase as to how to operate and maintain an organic Moringa Farm operation through scientific methods and traditional skills .

The  Moringa Field Day offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in Moringa  to learn and apply  General Agricultural practices and cropping systems on a farm scale that maintain or increase crop production while conserving natural resources.

Participants will be able to interact with Moringa specialists and educators, on all issues that may affect their operations.  Moringa Field days have been a core part of Practical Experience when participants work together to share details of on-farm research and demonstration and learn in a spirit of openness and curiosity to learn about topics that span the Moringa agricultural spectrum. This shall enable them to create a  strong, sustainable Moringa agricultural system in their farms/countries.

Typical Moringa Field Day Program Agenda

Get your hands dirty:

This unique Moringa Field day will offer a practical mix of on-farm advice, showcasing new techniques for best practice in agro ecological farming, and discuss the BURNING ISSUES  that affect Moringa farming, plus much more.

Moringa Field day Participants are those from across Moringa farming and processing, with an interest in new Business models.

Program Information

COST: US$ 354.00, INR ₹ 11,800.00

When: 11th july 2021

TIMES: 10.00AM-4.00PM

WHERE: Moringa india farm rural jaipur

(GPS coordination shall be provided)

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Join entrepreneurial farm dynamos to find solutions, and create high-impact failsafe Moringa farm. Together, we'll leverage the collective talent and knowledge to create, improve, and work on actual projects in actual farm

As an Implementer, and Passionate Scale Up Expert as Moringa Business optimizer. ABC is transforming the Moringa Sector from concept to commercialization with its IPR knowledge, enhanced cultivar, experience and expertise in this very technical. We help clients improve decisions, sharpen their thinking and drive their business forward.

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Dp Maharshi

President, Moringa India

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