Jatropha Hi-tech Training Package 

7th Biodiesel CropSphere 2017  Future

Global Jatropha Hi-tech Integrated Nonfood Biodiesel  Farming & Technology Training Programme




The training programmes are designed in such a way that the participants can start planting straightaway. The economics of growing, package of practices, processing aspects and marketing will be presented. There will also be a field visit for the participants.

This hi-tech training package provides general outline and the easy-to-follow training approach of given the agro-ecological, climatic and socio-cultural diversity. It does offer practical advice and technology options for establishing jatropha farms in a variety of climates (humid, sub humid and semi-arid).

Establishment of Jatropha farms requires both technical and managerial solutions to problems encountered in the field. Field workers can arrive at the appropriate technical solutions (e.g. soil improvement, crop productivity, input requirements) soon after they have participated in the training course. This training package follows these steps, carefully integrating technical and managerial issues.

The course materials provide an introduction to each topic and are distributed to the participants during each training session after set out a programme of activities and technical information on each topic




Professional agriculturists, foresters and horticulturists teach how to plant and care for new plantation. This would involve initial planting of nuts, seedlings or stems followed by training in propagation to better yields. Also, training is given in pruning to develop a well branched canny. They also teach about proper fertilization and irrigation that may increase nut production.

The Technology Leaflets provides information on the technical, planning and management skills necessary for creating jatropha farms , and opportunities for, improving technical skills for  attaining better harvest and have practical meaning to the participants.

The training course is designed for 5 days. The course has been designed as follows: Sessions 1 through 6 each require half a day; Sessions 7 and 8 each require a full day. If the participants have relatively weak horticultural backgrounds, however, more time may have to be spent in their studying the Technology Leaflets. The participant shall have visit jatropha activities/factories/labs with an objective to Learning by doing.

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