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ConsultancybbaCJP is engaged in continuous research and development of nonfood viable crops. Biodiesel Business Academy (BBA) was founded to ensure sustainable supply of high oiled adequate feedstocks for economical production of biofuels and meeting out the challenge of global warming as large quantities of low carbon fuels will likely be needed to meet the world’s increasing levels of travel and need to achieve climate change goals.


BBA is the Global Consultant in the field of Biodiesel Project establishment providing consultancy at every stage of the project right from soil to preparation of complete plantation management and technical plan to plantation techniques/plantation execution and Setting up of Plant for Bio-Fuel including all plant & machinery required with all our best of potentiality and expertise.

Who we are?

We are only authoritative long term supplier for the development of knowledge in efficient Biodiesel' plantation techniques and management for large scale plantations. We have developed techniques and methodologies to continuously reduce the cost per ton of seeds' produced, under the edapho-climatic conditions of the region where they will be located.

Our Team

we have a team of highly qualified, competent and committed professionals having rich experience in farming know how and are continuously striving to attain high standards in cultivation. The organization has carved a niche for itself as an agricultural consultant. It offers a variety of agricultural and technical consultancy services to suit the varied requirements of the clients.

Farming unlike mechanics has many variances under the same input environment.    Many different methods of establishment, farming and harvesting are possible. Yield is a function of water, nutrients, heat and the age of the plant and other. We have specifically designed best ways to guide towards the right balance of cost, yield, and labor and finally cost per mt

Our Work

The BBA work to ensure proper and timely support to the project implementation with the goal of successfully establishing a large scale Fuel Farm, acting as an Adviser in the following ways: BBA offers constancy & advisory services for cultivation of various Biodiesel crops after detailed survey of soil, water and agro climatic conditions by our panel of experts. The organization has carved a niche for itself as an agricultural consultant. It offers a variety of agricultural and technical consultancy services to suit the varied requirements of the clients.we have develop a set of enhanced services with access to our  own supply chain intellectual property rights (IPR) and exclusive expertise with technological background and experiences  in the field for creation Large Scale Failsafe Fuel Farm.

Our Expertise

Our experience includes both energy Plantation and Production technologies: extensive knowledge and expertise in implementation of Biodiesel Plantation and Production Projects. BBA combines technical expertise, managerial capabilities, and strong financial and business knowledge to provide comprehensive consulting services to assist our clients in meeting their objectives and bringing new businesses.

Our experience

We at CJP have carried out biodiesel process technology evaluations and various studies for the International Bioenergy Organizations. Commercial work includes dissemination and demonstration activities, training and seminars, as well as consulting activities such as feasibility studies, crop care and due diligence evaluations for the biodiesel industry worldwide. We have undertaken a number of market studies in the biodiesel and related biofuels sectors on behalf of market participants and financial institutions, as well as producing a number of multi-client reports on the biofuels sector.

Pursuant to, and within the term of, Agreement, We shall provide consultancy services required for establishment of large scale Failsafe Biodiesel Plantation from ground zero stage to the Client with references to following components of the Plantation Project:

Identification of Project Areas

Initial Feasibility Study & Land Survey to Determine the Suitability of Proposed Sites for Agro-Feasibility of the Project

Nursery Development

Setting Up Of biodiesel Plantations from Ground Zero to Harvesting Stage

Intercropping Technology

Technology & Harvesting Techniques

Qualified Expertise in the Conversion of the Harvested Crops into Bio-Fuel

Infrastructural Development

Production Cost Estimates

Investment Cost Estimates

Organization Set –Up

Implementation Schedule

Services areas of CJP include:

Property assessment and site selection

Crop species and varieties

Layout and establishment

Water requirements and irrigation scheduling

Fertilizer programs and nutrition monitoring

Pest & diseases control.

Production economics and marketing

Harvesting and handling.

Write to us

We shall submit proposal on receipt of REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL to provide Project Management & consultancy services to engineer & establish a successful Biodiesel plantation project based on our proprietary knowledge to implement the project through our level of competence and technology. Detailed terms and conditions have been laid down in draft agreement for performing consulting projects.

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