Jatropha Growing seasons

If we go 23 1/2° north of the Equator we encounter a special dashed parallel called the Tropic of Cancer; if we go the same distance south we see its companion the Tropic of Capricorn. The former is at the latitude at which the Sun passes directly overhead on the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, while the latter is where the Sun passes overhead on the first day of Southern Hemisphere summer (or Northern Hemisphere Winter); these evens occur, respectively, about June 22nd and December 22nd.

So, in meteorology for the Northern hemisphere:

Spring begins on March 1,

                Summer on June 1,

                Autumn on September 1, and

                Winter on December 1.

Conversely, for the Southern hemisphere:

                Summer begins on December 1,

                Autumn on March 1,

                Winter on June 1, and

Spring on September 1.

Therefore the growing seasons for JATROPHA shall be as under

For the countries falling in Northern hemisphere

Nursery raising: March

Plantation: May


For the countries falling in Southern hemisphere

Nursery rising:  September

Plantation:   November




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