CJP introduces   its new Jatropha Distance Training (Learning) Package "JDLP" on Jatropha Biodiesel & Agricultural Hi-tech techniques. A number of Power Point slides and a number of images and video clips teach you step by step Jatropha Science, Jatropha crop development & Biodiesel Production Farm to Fuel technology & management for creating a successful Jatropha biodiesel business venture.

The course provides excellent opportunity to those stakeholders who are pre-occupied with other important business tasks and do not get the time to attend our regular Jatropha global 5 days training programme.  


Course Materials


The course material comprises of Interactive DVD's, CD's, books and online documents covering all aspects of Jatropha growing and producing biodiesel covering following topics on the theme "Learning by seeing"  

1. Jatropha oil crop – Concepts, sources, bio diversity and potential as renewable energy

2. Jatropha Crop Science

3. Jatropha Crop Ecology and Chain Innovations

4. Jatropha Crop Cultivation & Jatropha Crop care

5. Jatropha post harvest processing components

6. Jatropha Development programmes for crop improvement –breeding- tissue culture

7. Jatropha crop management techniques for crop production and crop protection

8. Jatropha crops Production and processing techniques

9. Jatropha Crop Productivity, profitability, sustainability

10.                   Jatropha Economics and Marketing

11.                   Jatropha intercropping technology

12.                   Jatropha and CDM- aspects

13.                   Jatropha oil and press machines

The JDLP shall include

1. Interactive DVD's providing technical and practical sessions of various jatropha segments i.e. the complete a b c... of the jatropha biodiesel business

2. Set of Jatropha books

a.         The Biodiesel Handbook

b.         Jatropha Learning Course

c.         An easy- to- follow growing and crop care instructions manual

d.         And a very typical monitoring and management diary etc

e.         Jatropha nursery technology


3. Jatropha business plan 100 ha


Then their shall be online paper and assessment and certificate thereof



You can order for "JDLP "course materials just for a price of USD 1200 net including mailing expenses  order form.


For further details kindly contact:

Director (Training Division)

B-132, SAINIK BASTI, CHURU, Rajasthan, INDIA-331001

MOBILE- (+91) 9829423333,

E-mail: jatrophatraining@gmail.com

WEB: www.jatrophaworld.org



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