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Founded as a Biodiesel feedstock development company, CJP has grown to become a world leader and international one-stop-shop for numerous industries and individuals who desire the enriching and satisfying experience of using natural Fuel, Food, Fiber and ingredients and products.

The company is one of the first entities in world to commercially produce and process high-value botanicals as intercrop with various nonfood biodiesel crops.

Using the rich heritage of incredible India CJP provides farmers with new crop and agro-forestry opportunities. It also exports a range of sustainably grown natural products, which are either endangered or difficult to obtain in the wild.

We look forward to working with you and sharing our standards of excellence in product, service, price and information.

Our extensive ranges of Raw Materials are available to both manufacturers and those creating their own products.

Our HIGH VALUE Oils are extracted using the most delicate methods to gently preserve the unique signatures of the plant.



  2. High Grade JOJOBA Oil
  3. Moringa Superior Seed
  4. High Grade Moringa Oil
  5. Moringa dried leaves
  6. Moringa dried leaves Powder
  7. Farm Fresh Flax Seeds
  8. High Value Cold Pressed FLAX seed Oil 
  13. Annatto seeds - Bixa Orellana


Jojoba is one of the finest cosmetic ingredients in the world. Its excellent inherent emolliency, moisturization and oxidative stability properties rank it as one of the top cosmetic lipid materials, natural or synthetic, in use today. Jojoba is sourced from the seeds of Simmondsia chinensis, which is a woody, evergreen, desert shrub being grown in Desert of India. Jojoba seeds are a dark, reddish-brown color and about 1.0 to 1.5 centimeters long


We offer to provide farm fresh high value JOJOBA Seeds with high oil

 High Grade JOJOBA Oil

Simmondsia chinensis produces a marvelously consistent mixture of liquid esters.

Extraction of Natural Jojoba from seeds that are in optimal condition results in a very pure and clean initial product that requires minimal processing and/or refining to produce a very high quality, consistent end product.

After mechanical extraction, Jojoba is generally screened to remove tiny bits of sediment called “footes” and then filtered. With the pure, natural, golden grade, no further processing is needed after filtration and pasteurization, although for some endues applications removal of phospholipids is preferable. The jojoba is simply packaged for storage and shipment. This grade of jojoba has a golden-yellow color

 We offer to provide High grade high value JOJOBA oil


Moringa Superior Seed

Moringa oleifera has been grown since ancient times and is now widely cultivated and naturalised throughout the tropical and subtropical world. It is drought resistant, preferring regions with a wet/dry climate, but can grow in a wide range of habitats on a variety of soils.

Almost all parts of the plant are potentially useful, including for food, fodder, medicine, fuel wood and fertilizer. The seeds are probably the most useful part of the plant, containing a significant percentage of high quality oil. Recently, the large-scale cultivation of Moringa oleifera has been suggested as a potential source of biofuel

Moringa is a healer, food magician, beauty and beautician, a plant with surprising water purification capabilities, a best friend and humanitarian who works for so little. It is one of the most useful trees on earth.

Moringa makes a major contribution to human and animal health; in many cases, it can mean the difference between life and death.

High Grade Moringa Oil

The oil of the moringa seeds has been well known since ancient times and was traditionally used in medicine, for beauty care and religious ointments, because of its excellent stability and good perfume-fixation properties, retaining volatile substances. Moringa oil is most commonly used in air conditioners, shampoos, lotions, balms, skin moisturizers, body oils, scrubs and perfumes. It is an effective herbal remedy for cleansing and moisturizing the scalp. Simply dampening the hair, massaging the oil into the scalp, and then rinsing thoroughly will effectively lift away dirt and hydrate the hair and scalp. The oil has become a popular choice for blending with essential oils, as its non-drying properties make it ideal for use in massage.

Moringa seed oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, copper and calcium, which are all beneficial for healthy skin. The oil is believed to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, although these claims have not been adequately proven. Traditionally, the oil has been used to treat minor skin abrasions, insect bites, cuts, burns and bruises. Its use can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who placed vases filled with moringa oil inside their tombs.

An important trend in cosmetics is the exploration of new ingredients from natural sources. Moringa has become the focus of an extensive research program that led to the development of new active ingredients and potential benefits for skin and hair care. Proteins isolated from the seeds have shown very interesting properties due to their low molecular weight and their strong cationic behaviour. The pure oil obtained by pressure of the seeds is also of very high interest in cosmetic applications. The promising properties of the peptide fraction of the moringa seeds allow testing anti-pollution and purification of skin and hair.

The cosmetic industry wishes to develop innovative products and concepts while respecting ecological and human values.

Moringa dried leaves

Gram for gram, [moringa leaves] has the calcium of four glasses of milk, the Vitamin C of seven oranges, the potassium  of three bananas and triple the iron of spinach.

Absolutely no negative effects to daily consumption of Moringa leaves have ever been reported. As a healing plant, Moringa is even more amazing. There is much evidence from around the world, from various traditions and cultures that have used this miracle tree for so many ailments and troubles

 Moringa dried leaves Powder

We are the grower and producer of MORINGA.

We are committed to provide products of the highest quality

We have our own Moringa farms being maintained scientifically

We process Moringa shade-dried leaves into high quality Moringa powder very hygienically under a quality bound process

Farm Fresh Flax Seeds

A Health and Nutrition Primer

“Mahatma Gandhi famously said, "Wherever flaxseed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health."

We need to boost our levels of omega-3 ALA. It is found in flaxseeds (linseeds) and their oil.Omega-3 ALA can be converted into anti-inflammatory compounds. In Paleolithic times, when we ate more fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds and fewer grains, the ratio of LA to ALA in our diet was one to four. In the modern diet, it is 20 to one. With a hard shell, flax seeds need to be ground to get the most nutritional benefits.

They are a rich source of Omega-3s, and help to promote bone and heart health. “You can help lower inflammation for [protection from] heart disease and arthritis. Regular intake of flax seeds also may help lower total and bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol and they have been known to lower the risks of breast, prostate and colon cancers and stroke. Additionally, flax seeds are a good source of vitamins E and B, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium, among other nutrients.

Flaxseeds are low in carbs, high in most of the B vitamins, and are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and a good source of omega 6. Flax is also the most concentrated dietary source of lignans, which the good bacteria in our gut turn into the powerful cancer-fighting compounds that not only significantly lower breast cancer risk in the first place but may double the survival rates of breast cancer patients.

Flaxseeds have also been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure, control hot flashes in women, and work just as well as the leading drug for enlarged prostate symptoms
Composition of Flax As a Food

Fata 41%

Total dietary fibre 28%

Protein 20%

Moisture 7%

Ash 4%

High Value Cold Pressed FLAX seed Oil


Cold-pressed flaxseed oil is an excellent source of dietary alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Flax is naturally low in saturated fat and has a moderate amount of monounsaturated fat. Flax contains two essential fatty acids (EFAs) –alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the parent fatty acid of the omega-3 family, and linoleic acid (LA), the parent fatty acid of the omega-6 family. EFAs are required for maintaining the structure of cell membranes and the

health of the skin, and they are involved in cholesterol transport and metabolism. EFAs can be converted to

compounds called eicosanoids, which play a role in inflammatory reactions


We offer to provide Cold Pressed FARM FRESH FLAX seed Oil



The seeds commonly found in Asian cuisine are high in antioxidants called lignans which are anticarcinogenic. Studies have linked lignans to a reduced risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular disease; the antioxidants also can be found in other seeds like flax and pumpkin. Sesame seeds also contain sesamol, a compound that may protect the body from harmful free radicals, the cells that can lead to cancer. Additionally, they contain nutrients like niacin, folic acid, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and magnesium.

We offer to provide farm fresh high value sesame Seeds


A more well-known variety, pumpkin seeds may actually promote prostate health, Ms. Foster said, due to their antioxidant power. The seeds also possess anti-inflammatory benefits to guard against arthritis, the dietitian noted, and their high zinc content may offer protection for bone health, particularly in men. “They are a rich source of healthful minerals, proteins and monounsatured fats,” Ms. Foster noted. “They also contain phytosterols, which can lower cholesterol, enhance the immune response and decrease the risk of certain cancers.


We offer to provide FARM FRESH PUMPKIN seed



Kokum is a fruit with a sweet and sour taste. Kokum is native of India. It is grown in tropical rain forest of Maharashtra and Konkan region. It is also grown in Asia and Africa.

Parts used: Fruit, seeds and oil (extracted from seeds)

Chemical composition: Vitamin C, fat, starch, pectin, fiber, protein and garcinol

Kokum fruit has a cooling effect. An extract and juice is used to treat sunstroke. It is also a digestive and helps control dysentery, constipation, piles,and acidity. Garcinol is an anti-carcinogenic. It can prevent tongue and breast cancer, and tumors. The fruit also contains antioxidants, which prevent oxidative cell damage by free radicals. It is a cardiotonic and prevents heart diseases, lowers cholesterol and helpful in obesity.

Kokum Seeds are used all over the world for various culinary and medicinal purposes. These Kokum Seeds when added to a food item provide it pink to purple color and sweet and sour taste. We are a renowned Kokum Seeds Exporter in Sri Lanka. The Kokum

Oil obtained from Kokum seeds are converted into butter. This butter protects the skin. It is used to treat burns, moisturize dry skin during winter, and heal lip fissures. The oil is also soothing to the skin and applied to treat allergies. It is also used in confectionary and other medicines.

Seeds are available with us at affordable prices


The pomegranate is one of the oldest fruits as well as richest in history and folklore. Once you get past the multitude of seeds, its juice is tangy, sweet, rich and flavorful. This juice becomes the base for sauces and flavorings for drinks, savory dishes, and sweets, while the whole seeds are a simple delight eaten fresh or used as a colorful accent as a garnish. The fruit is about the size of an orange. The rind color can range from yellow-orange to deep reddish-purple. Pomegranate Seed Oil has been used for centuries. The oil from the Pomegranate Seed provides a powerful antioxidant benefit, fighting free radicals that damage and age the skin. Omega 5 botanical oil made from pomegranate seeds may prevent diabetes.

Annatto seeds - Bixa Orellana

It is considered that annatto extracts rank as the second most economically important natural colour in the world and it is the most frequently used natural colour in the food industry in the UK, being used to colour margarine and dairy products. 

Annatto seed, whole

Scientific Name: Bixa Orellana

Origin: India

Parts Used: Pulp of the fruit

Background: Because the plant has strong coloring principles, it has been used over the centuries as a method of body painting in South America. Even now it is used as a dye in the coloring of margarine and cheese.

Applications: Aphrodisiac

Astringent: Treats fever, epilepsy, and dysentery when the leaves and roots are used to make an infusion.  When used topically, it can treat burns and blisters. When used as a gargle, it can relieve mouth sores.

Aphrodisiac: Thought to have properties that increase one's libido.

Description: Native to Tropical America, and the East and West Indies. It is cultivated in Asia and Africa where it grows up to 25 feet in height.  It is an evergreen tree, which has large leaves that are capable of bearing pink and white flowers with red fruit that contains red seeds


Cottonseed oil is extracted from cottonseed. Cotton has long been known as nature's unique food and fiber plant. It produces both food for man and feed for animals in addition to a highly versatile fiber for clothing, home furnishings, and industrial uses. Cottonseed oil has many food applications. As a salad oil, it is used in mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. As cooking oil, it is used for frying in both commercial and home cooking. As a shortening or margarine, it is ideal for baked goods and cake icings. Cottonseed oil has a mild, nut like taste. It is generally clear with a light golden color, but like most oils, the degree of color depends on the amount of refining. Clear, colorless oils are not necessarily better oils, but may have been refined more severely. Cottonseed oil is one of the few oils considered acceptable for reducing saturated fat intake. Cottonseed oil has a 2:1 ratio of polyunsaturated to saturated fatty acids. Its fatty acid profile generally consists of 70% unsaturated fatty acids including 18% monounsaturated (oleic) and 52% polyunsaturated (linoleic) and 26% saturated (primarily palmitic and stearic). These natural antioxidants, which have varying degrees of vitamin E activity, also contribute to its stability giving products that contain it a long shelf life.

The impending climate change crisis has stimulated enormous interest in the development of biofuel globally. The supporters of biofuel hail that it is naturally carbon-neutral whereas the critiques argue that the large-scale plantations and production of biofuel based on Jatropha can not only strain agricultural resources but also threaten future food security. India's subsistence farmers are often faced with challenges and constraints of poverty. Foremost among the challenges are the marginal environmental conditions for agriculture often influenced by erratic rainfall, drought, poor soil quality, and unreliable irrigation water supply. In this article, we have presented a case study on the potential to use nonedible seeds from naturally occurring tree species, Calophyllum inophyllum to meet the increasing demand for biofuel production in India.

Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil

Tamanu oil

Categories: Anti-Irritants, Plant Extracts

Harvested in coastal region of India, it is reputed to have wondrous wound-healing properties, as well as being a cure-all for almost every skin ailment you can think of, from acne to eczema to psoriasis, but all of the miraculous claims are hinged on anecdotal, not scientific, evidence. There’s no harm in using this oil in skin care—like most oils, it is composed of phospholipids and glycolipids, and these are natural constituents of healthy skin and are good water-binding agents. Tamanu oil may have anti-inflammatory properties and there is some research showing it has anti-tumor properties, though this has not been proven in any direct research on skin. Tamanu oil contains terpenic essences, benzoic and oxi-benzoic acids. Small amounts of vitamin F and phospho-amino-lipids come along with glycerides and saturated fatty acids. Active components are: calophyllolide (C25 H22 O5) calophyllic acid (C25 H24 O6) has healing, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.

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