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the Biodiesel Business Academy (BBA) sets the standard in the production of biofuels due to its innovation and technologic leadership with more than a decade long experience in the field of biofuels

The goal of the BBA is to make small and medium size processors available to clients where large scale facilities are not feasible because of the typical high set-up costs associated with such projects, as well as the availability of Biodiesel required operating a facility. The focus of the BBA is to provide small and medium size solutions to clients involved in the alternative and renewable energy sector.

BBA finds its level quite competent to be your biodiesel reactor supplier because of its proven ability to turn innovative process designs into working, efficient production plants. We believe that our technology has the potential to be a low cost producer of renewable and alternative fuels. And we believe that smaller, modular plants and low costs are not mutually exclusive… We look forward to working with you to rollout what we think will be a game changing business model.

Your interest in the development of alternative resources is very important for BBA. Because of this, we are enthusiastic to help you achieve your objectives and thus have a better and less polluted environment. It is an honor for us to have the possibility to present a biodiesel plant proposal that suits your needs.

Technology for itself doesn´t works.

For this reason in BBA we work with our hearts.


100 liters per batch skid mounted biodiesel processing unit

Produce biodiesel @your own as per your daily requirement100 liters per batch skid mounted biodiesel processing unit

Produce biodiesel @your own as per your daily requirement

#tiny biodiesel reactor#

Produce biodiesel @your own as per your daily requirement

A survey was conducted to accurately estimate the fuel requirement of a small farmer for growing and harvesting the crops including livestock production.  Based on the findings of the survey a tiny biodiesel production system @farmers farm was designed and constructed. With cutting edge technology we have developed a mini biodiesel refinery which can produce 10 liters of biodiesel per hour, 100 liters a day with any feedstock- a very innovative, inexpensive and easy way to make and use Biodiesel as per your daily needs.

We provide # BIODIESEL REACTOR # from 10 liter per hour capacity to 10 ton per day capacity as per your requirement

Our Biodiesel Plants with stable and reliable process and the environmental friendly process, ecologically sustainable allow you to produce high quality biodiesel that meets the most stringent quality standards in the world, such as the rules for the European marketEN14214 and ASTM D6751 in the U.S

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