an unique system to harvest algae

Small Scale Algae Harvesting System


CJP has developed a unique Photo-bio-reactor for demonstration and testing purpose and all prospective companies/organization should install the demonstration plant to start with algae so they can customize the mix of algae species and nutrients for the climatic conditions and water quality of the plant’s location and take appropriate decision for big investment.

Many species of algae had the potential to produce sufficient quantities of oil to be economical feed stocks for biodiesel production. However, the most efficient method of raising algae—in open, racetrack-style ponds—was prone to contamination from undesirable algae species, and a lot of water was wasted through evaporation. Closed systems called Photo-bio-reactors didn’t have the contamination and evaporation problems, but were expensive and experienced engineering problems

We are pleased to offer to supply of our proprietary lab scale algae photo bioreactor for lowest Price

Terms & Conditions

  • Price: The quoted prices are Ex-Works.
  • Taxes/duty: As Applicable
  • Payment: 100% Payment as advance along with order
  • Validity of offer: The offer shall remain valid for 30 Days.
  • Freight & Insurance: Extra as per actual. Insurance to be arranged by the consignee.
  • Delivery:  6 Weeks after confirmed order along with advance.
  • Installation & Commissioning to be arranged by the customer

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