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Nonfood Biodiesel Feedstock Project

Algae are one of the most promising feedstocks for future bio-diesel production. The advantageous points about algae are their widespread availability, higher oil yields and pressure on cultivated land for production of biodiesel is reduced. Thus, algae will be the future of fuel. Algae as a fuel source are incredible. Some types of algae are made up of 50% oil, which can be made into biofuel more economically. Theoretically, algae can yield between 1,000 to 20,000 gallons of oil per acre, depending on the specific strain. That is enormous productivity as compared with agricultural based biofuels.

Scalability is seen as its greatest advantages, as a number of key industry players are gearing up their operations to meet the opportunity. Algae biodiesel have the added advantage of utilizing nonfood-based feedstock, with the abilities to grow on no arable land and utilize a wide variety of water resources including wastewater and seawater. A feasibility study and a business plan are essential steps in developing a successful biodiesel business. However it is not easy to prepare an excellent business plan.

With its extensive experiences in the field, enhanced technology, plant science & professional knowledge,  effective consulting service and business intelligence CJP  can clearly understand the business model, products and services, production, marketing and provides all aspects of feasibility analysis and business development including assessments of the following: crop production, crushing, co-product markets, feedstock acquisition and contracting, technology analysis, risk analysis specific to biodiesel technology, feedstock, markets, and general project risks, market and  financial analysis.

We make the integration of our experience and professional knowledge with your information.  We provide in Depth analysis of Algae Harvesting part of plan for which we have team of agronomist and plant scientists, and then we have engineers and experts in biodiesel industries to finish the technology and production part of business plan.  We have professionals in accounting to complete financial and economics part. CJP can offer the type of consulting that only numerous years of leadership in the biodiesel market can provide at an affordable price.

We identify the Key elements in harvesting algae and their effects examined. And provide accurate information about the crop for potential investors and growers after performing feasibility study with a concert concept to commercialize the opportunity with following in-depth assessment/examination.

Description of the Business Opportunity

1. Is the business opportunity as presented both highly attractive and clearly realistic?

2. Does the proposal reflect an unanticipated or unusual application of the research creating new value?

3. Does the proposal have a chance to redefine an existing marketplace or create a new one?

4. Does the proposal lend itself to an entrepreneurial new venture or as part of the infrastructure of an established enterprise?

5. What comparisons are there to past success stories that indicate this venture will succeed?

6. Can this venture achieve a leadership position in its market?

7. Why is this business going to be around and a real winner in 7-10 years?

8. Does the proposal identify or anticipate business issues that a successful commercialization might entail?

9. What is the business model?

10. An outline of the proposed financials for the business and its cash flow projections for the first 7 years. Describe establishment costs and on-going cost finance or explain how the pricing structure was determined.

11.What is the amount of up-front capital investment required?

12.How long will it take from the current stage of development to bring to market?

13. What is the expected time and amount of pay-off to investors?   

CJP can help clients identify the needs, opportunities and solutions of their local, regional and national markets. By identifying these needs and providing management direction, CJP can help in creating a perfect business plan in order to develop and manage an effective and successful biodiesel facility. The most critical component of any business plan is the pro forma, an educated view or projection of what the performance of a company is capable of, given a specific set of assumptions and conditions. CJP has been involved in identifying these needs for specific projects for a number of years and can help develop a realistic and obtainable:

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Capital Budget

Cash Flow

Break-even Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Assumptions Governing the Projections

These projections will be valuable in determining feasibility of the project, securing financing, attracting investment and guiding management so that the company can reach its full potential.

Therefore we offer to formulate and prepare a customized, complete and comprehensive ALGAE Biodiesel Business Plan from Algae harvesting to fuel

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