Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) conducts advanced multi-feedstock research in the industry’s non-food energy farming crop improvement programme and addresses the complete value chain. As a producer of proprietary seeds, ABC is in the most attractive segment of the biodiesel value chain — upstream from the capital intensive refining and conversion of biodiesel.
We, Advanced Biofuel Center are a leading name involved in offering a wide gamut of products to our esteemed clients such as Bio Diesel Crop Manual, Bio Diesel Crop, Bio Diesel Crop Seeds and Algae Fuels to name a few. Manufactured using high-grade raw material, these products are in adherence with set industry guidelines and norms. 

We have a state-of-the-symbolization base that is generally outfitted with cutting edge innovation based apparatus and world class conveniences. We have isolated our office into numerous divisions to guarantee that greatest conceivable operational proficiency is accomplished. These divisions are creation, quality control, planning, organization, bundling and logistics. All these divisions are productively overseen by our group of element experts, which is resolved to attain the hierarchical destinations inside the given time period. These people are deliberately surveyed on their capabilities, information levels, ability and state of mind before being made a piece of the group. We sway our experts to stay side by side of the predominating business patterns and specialty the items as needs be to satisfy the changed necessities of the clients. Our new Nonfood Biodiesel crops like algae, castor, moringa, pongamia, jojoba, simarouba which are poised for commercialization as the newest, greatest biodiesel feedstock as these crops can produce the greatest amount of feedstock for the lowest input and cost. Good scientific research done by CJP’s scientists has shown that how oilseed crops grow best across different soil conditions and climates, and how they fit into existing production systems determining what consequences might result from growing these crops in terms of sustainability. Apart from Jatropha, following of Nature''s elite stock - true-bred, tried and tested form the part of programme agenda:  

  • Alage
  • Camelina
  • Calophyllum inophyllum L.,
  • Castor bean (Ricinus communis)
  • Citrullus colocynthis (Tumba)
  • Flax
  • Jojoba (Simmondsia chinesis)
  • Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)
  • Kenaf
  • Karanja (Pongamia pinnata)
  • Kokum (Garcinia indica)
  • Moringa oleifera
  • Mahua (Madhuca indica)
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica)
  • Simarouba (Simarouba glauca)

We are moving forward in the publishing domain by working on the principles of competence and ethics. With the focus on utilization and expansion of available resources, we have been able to build a specialized knowledge centre, wherein we are able to perform our business activities. This centre of excellence enables us to carry out our operations at both national and international level in a concentrated and successful manner. 


The successful commercialization of our products depends on our ability to produce high-quality seeds, ability to provide enhanced and proprietary knowledge to plan and capacity to provide enhanced technological services to establish biodiesel business from ground zero to fuel production Inter alia, we serve as:-  

  1. Global knowledge Platform
  2. Global Agronomy Platform
  3. Global Technology platform and
  4. Global Service Provider
  5. Agronomy Support
Inside a restricted time of time, we have had the capacity to cut a specialty for ourselves by satisfying the accurate necessities of the clients in a practical way. We take a few measures to guarantee that clients have a sound knowledge of leading business with us. A few components have been contributive towards our commendable achievement:
  • Exhaustive scope of items
  • Unsurpassed quality benchmarks
  • Upkeep of high moral measures
  • Unique item plans
  • Solid client connections
Our Work 
The ABC work to ensure proper and timely support to the project implementation with the goal of successfully establishing a large scale Fuel Farm, acting as an Adviser in the following ways: ABC offers constancy & advisory services for cultivation of various Biodiesel crops after detailed survey of soil, water and agro climatic conditions by our panel of experts. The organization has carved a niche for itself as an agricultural consultant. It offers a variety of agricultural and technical consultancy services to suit the varied requirements of the clients.we have develop a set of enhanced services with access to our own supply chain intellectual property rights (IPR) and exclusive expertise with technological background and experiences in the field for creation Large Scale Failsafe Fuel Farm. 
Our Expertise Our experience includes both energy Plantation and Production technologies: extensive knowledge and expertise in implementation of Biodiesel Plantation and Production Projects. ABC combines technical expertise, managerial capabilities, and strong financial and business knowledge to provide comprehensive consulting services to assist our clients in meeting their objectives and bringing new businesses. 
Our experience We at ABC have carried out biodiesel process technology evaluations and various studies for the International Bio-energy Organizations. Commercial work includes dissemination and demonstration activities, training and seminars, as well as consulting activities such as feasibility studies, crop care and due diligence evaluations for the biodiesel industry worldwide. We have undertaken a number of market studies in the biodiesel and related bio-fuels sectors on behalf of market participants and financial institutions, as well as producing a number of multi-client reports on the bio-fuels sector.
Who we are? We are only authoritative long term supplier for the development of knowledge in efficient Biodiesel'' plantation techniques and management for large scale plantations. We have developed techniques and methodologies to continuously reduce the cost per ton of seeds'' produced, under the edapho-climatic conditions of the region where they will be located. 
Our Team we have a team of highly qualified, competent and committed professionals having rich experience in farming know how and are continuously striving to attain high standards in cultivation. The organization has carved a niche for itself as an agricultural consultant. It offers a variety of agricultural and technical consultancy services to suit the varied requirements of the clients. Farming unlike mechanics has many variances under the same input environment. Many different methods of establishment, farming and harvesting are possible. Yield is a function of water, nutrients, heat and the age of the plant and other. We have specifically designed best ways to guide towards the right balance of cost, yield, and labor and finally cost per mt
We have a team scientists/experts/technocrats noted for their contributions to field-based research, their commitment to low carbon economy, and their closeness to business practice. They are renowned for their ability to draw upon practical subject wisdom and to engage participants in provocative, thinking -changing class activities that expand their abilities as leaders. In the bio-fuel business industry, every year brings new development, science, trends and challenges. While demand continues to grow, consumer needs shift, production challenges increase, and evolving technology impacts every part of the value chain. The complex network of businesses that brings food and other agricultural products to market must continually reconfigure itself in such a highly dynamic environment. This creates timely opportunities for those agro fuel business leaders who are ready to think innovatively—and move quickly.
Our expert team of professionals has helped us in attaining the goal of our organization. Owing to the vast experience of our professionals, we have been able to manufacture and supply a quality assured range of stationery and personal care products. Moreover, these professionals manufacture the entire range keeping in mind the exact requirements of our clients. They work in close coordination with each other to fulfill the diverse requirements of our clients within the stipulated period of time. We also arrange various training sessions and workshops to enhance the performance skills of our team members.

We Aspire---

--To create opportunity for people of every walk of life to achieve their dreams & better their live

WE believe in--

--Optimism, encouraging initiative, hard work, honest intention and success

We Abide By--

--Trusting people enduring relationship, encouraging individuals with vision and commitment to realize their full capacity & helping people to build their a new future


To Cultivate 100 000 hectares of land within the COUNTRY and 1,000,000 ha worldwide by 2030 to produce up to >10 Million metric tons of Oil, to supply Transesterification plants (Bio Diesel Refineries) domestically and World – wide


Mission Statement

We believe that Nonfood oil crops have the potential to become a “second generation” feedstock for biofuels that has significant advantages over other, often less sustainable, biofuel feedstocks used today.

Biodiesel Plantation projects offer the chance to realize triple-bottom-line investments with significant social, environmental and economic returns.

Our aim is to support all players involved in nonfood oil in realizing the potential of these crops

Our Pesence--


Our Objectives

To promote Jatropha and other non-food oil bearing crops for a sustainable biodiesel industry

Our Programme

Support, assist, represent, advise, negotiate, manage and train participating farmers in all matters, to successfully plant and harvest Jatropha, Jojoba, Moringa ,Camelina, Castor, Pongamia and other bio energy crops for the production of bio fuel "Diesel" and affiliated products in INDIA and World wide. Seedlings are produced at commercial nurseries and made available to farmers at self cost.

CJP is a leading organization with sound Technical IPR knowledge and plant science expertise, focused on the development of non-food biodiesel crop Jatropha curcas and others. Our primary goal is to discover and develop high-yielding crops that generate the most bio-energy per hectare of land. We have identified and developed new elite varieties of feedstock crops optimized for production under different agro-climatic conditions, economic and social parameters. Our aim is to deliver cultivars with improved quality, increased resistance to disease and pest infestation, and greater yield.

The CJP experts working on the Jatropha plantation have developed Superior planting material with standard benchmarks as JCLMAX3.0  in Jatropha and MOMAX3 in Moringa and the best Nursery techniques for production of quality saplings just to ensure proper and profitable production of oil crops.

CJP is a world recognised Bioenergy Crops Planter & Promoter, - as the Fuel Farming Management entrepreneur AND strives to provide QPM Nursery with GAP and management disciplines for production of Biodiesel feedstock to our esteemed customers/farmers/COPORATES.

We accomplish this by constant and devoted trials/ experiments being carried out for improvements.

We believe our experience in Jatropha energy projects as well as in Jojoba farming, castor cultivation, Flax production, Pongamia plantation, Moringa farming etc. is marketable and proven with integrity. It shall continue to be, - its role is to connect the Best, to create the Best, to comply with the Best

We are known for our ability to deliver the best for Creation OF Failsafe Fuel Farm

We would love the opportunity to work with you

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