The Jatropha Man

(The Eminent Jatropha Scientist and resource person of the CJP's Global Agricultural Hitech training Programme)


Name                                      :           Vijay K. Gour


Designation                            :           Associate Professor


Address (O)                            :           Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics

                                                            J.N. Agricultural University, Krishinagar,

Jabalpur – 482004, MP, INDIA


E-mail                                     :           vkgour@rediffmail.com 


Address (O)                            :           37, Ramnagar, Adhartal, Jabalpur-482004

                                                            M.P., India


Phone                                     :           0761- 2681071 Extn. 321(O)

0761- 2460360 (R), +919826436168 (M)


Date of Birth                          :           19.06.1952


Academic                               :           M.Sc. (Ag.) & Ph. D. in Plant Breeding & Genetics

                                                            1976 & 1999 respectively, from JNKVV, Jabalpur


Awarded merit Scholarship and Senior Research Fellowship (CSIR , New Delhi ) during Graduation & Post graduation respectively


Advance Training in Crop Production Technologies and Distant Hybridization at The Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University, Copenhagen Denmark.


27 years of Teaching, Research and Extension experience. As Assistant Professor (Plant Breeding & Genetics June 1980), Assistant Professor (Select Grade June 1988), Assoc. Professor (Plant Breeding & Genetics, 1996).


Publications                           :           Published 27 research articles in peer reviewed                      Reputed Journal of Plant Breeding (Germany), Journal

                                                            of Heredity (USA), Euphytica (The Netherlands) Indian

                                                             J. of Genetics & Plant Breeding (New Delhi, India) and

                                                             JNKVV Res. J. (Jabalpur, India); Presented 27 papers

                         in conferences, seminar and symposium within and outside India.

Other Recognitions               :          
  • Invited member-M.P. State Jatropha Development Committee to extend tech. input
  • Member Core Committee, Madhya Pradesh State Biodiversity Board, developed Startegy and Action Plan on Biodiversity of M.P.
  • Organized National Symposium, Seminar and Workshops on (a) Plant Biodiversity conservation, (b) Jatropha Utilization and Production Technology
  • Participated in Several National & International Seminars, Symposia and Conferences and also served as Chairman / Rapporteur in Technical Session.
  • Served as expert member in several selection committees of Universities, and related bodies viz. Environmental Planning & Coordination Organization (EPCO), State Biodiversity Board, Rajeev Gandhi Prodhuogiki Vishwa Vidyalaya, Bhopal, NOVOD Board, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI
  • Served as examiner for evaluation of M.Sc./Ph.D. theses of TNAU, HAU, GBPUAT, IGKVV etc.
  • Serving as member in committees constituted by NOVOD Board, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI
  • Serving as National Coordinator, National Network Project on Integrated Development of Jatropha, organised by the nodal agency NOVOD Board, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, Gurgaon, Haryana


Projects handled:


Projects held as PI/Co-investigator             






(Rs. Lakhs)

Mapping of isozyme and morphologi- cal trait loci in chickpea (Cicer arietinum  L. ).



Deptt. of

Atomic Energy,

Four Years

1992-93  to



Breeding for new plant type in chickpea (Cicer arietinum  L. ).- Co-PI


Bhopal. M.P.

Three Years

1997-98  to



Jai Vigyan Mission Mode Project on Conservation of Agribiodiversity - PI


Five Years


Impact Studies of Climate change on Adaptation and Vulnerability of Plant Biodiversity - Co-PI

ICAR Network Project on CC

Five Years



Ongoing research projects:






(Rs. Lakhs)

Development of Elite Planting Material of Jatropha & Model Plantation -

Nodal Scientist

NOVOD Board, Min. of Agri., Gurgaon

Three Years


Genetic Improvement of Ratanjyot (Jatropha curcas L.) - PI

Internal Funding

One Year (renewed every year )


National Network Project on Integrated Development of Jatropha - PI

NOVOD Board, Min. of Agri.

One Year (renewed every year )



Original Contributions


·         Reported association of the larvae of Mycodiplosis sp. with rust spores : Proposed a biological method of disease control.

·         Improved a method of chromosome doubling by Nitrous oxide treatment at the stage of seed germination and first zygotic division.

·         Collaborated in the development of crop varieties:


                        Soybean          -           JS 80-21,  JS 90-41 and JS 93-05.

                  Chickpea         -           Jawahar Gram Kabuli 1 (JGK 1)

                                                      (National Identity No. IC 296329)


Research papers published in Journals                        27

Paper presented at conferences/symposia etc             27


Book                                                                           1


Performance as National Coordinator Jatropha Network:


Other Contributions:


  1. Significantly contributed for developing M.P. Biodiversity & Strategy Action Plan as member of the Core Committee on Biodiversity, constituted by the Govt. of M.P.


  1. Prepared and Presented Project Proposal on “Establishment of Biodiversity Centre at J.N.K.V.V.” before Distinguished members of the core committee and eminent Faculty members of the University under the chairmanship of Agriculture Production Commissioner, Govt. of M.P for funding.


  1. Invited by EPCO to deliver lecture before the CIDA mission to convince the visiting team to extend financial support for conservation of biodiversity in situ & ex situ considering the existing Biowealth for its sustainable utilization by the state in participatory mode involving the tribals.


Prestigious Invitations:


Invited to present a status paper on “Jatropha for Biodiesel: Global pespective and Strategic Plan” at the Expert Consultation Workshop on Biofuels organized by International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines from 27th to 29th July, 2007; Co-sponsored by CIMMYT, Mexico; APAARI, Papua New Guinea and ICRISAT, India.


Invited as Consultant by Pt. Texpert Indoasia, Indonesia to Develop Strategic Plan for Plantation of Jatropha in Indonesia from 1st Sept. to 25th Sept. 2007; Invited as consultant by Ruchi Soya, Indore, India to suggest developmental strategies in agriculture sector.


Member of Scientific Societies:


  • Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources; published by National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi
  •  Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding; published by the Ind. Soc. of Genet. & Plant Breed.


Salient Achievements:


Research and development work on Jatropha curcas was commenced in the year 2003 at JNKVV, Jabalpur. The Jatropha curcas germplasm collection comprises 542 accessions from eleven states and is being maintained in field gene bank, Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics. The geographical diversity of Jatropha is represented from the state of M.P., C.G., Uttaranchal, U.P., Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Assam and Gujarat. These accessions are under critical evaluation. It is grown in an area of 4 ha. Salient points are given as under:


·         Guided two M.Sc. Theses on Jatropha till 2006,work for next two is in progress

·         Early flowering/fruiting CPT’s identified; High oil lines identified

·         Floral Biology studies of J. curcas and other species have been conducted

·         Plants/accessions with morphological variations observed and isolated

·         Few lines with distinct variations have been identified using ISSR markers

·         Plants with unique morphological traits identified viz. Dwarf, Plants showing branches from cotyledonary (dicot and tricot) nodes isolated

·         Few combinations of intra and interspecific crosses have been successfully raised; possibilities of hybrid vigour being explored

·         Graft hybrids in Jatropha developed

·         30 ha of Model plantation in different planting densities raised at Jabalpur

·         Conducted trainers (1) and farmers (2) training in 2006

o   Developed a training module with all aspects covered

·          Developed multimedia CD 2006 on “Model Plantation of Jatropha at JNKVV”


List of Publication of V. K. Gour Since 2000


Research papers in Journals:


1.         Gaur, P.M. and V.K. Gour (2000). A gene for leaf necrosis in chickpea (Cicer arietinum  L.).  J. Hered. 91: 79-81.


2.         Gaur, P.M. and V.K. Gour (2001). A gene inhibiting flower colour in chickpea. Ind. J. Genet. 61: 41-44.


3.         Gaur, P.M.  and Gour, V.K. (2002).  A gene producing one to nine flowers per flowering node in chickpea.  Euphytica. 128: 231-235.


4.         Gaur, P.M. and Gour, V.K. (2003).  Genetics of new mutant traits Broad Few Leaflets (BFL) and Outwardly curved wing (OCW) in chickpea. J. of Heredity. 122: 192-194.


5.          Gaur, P.M., Gour, V.K., Anita Babbar. Om Gupta, Jagdish Kumar and B.V. Rao (2004). JGK-1 : A new large –seeded short duration, high yielding Kabuli Chickpea variety for Central India. Int. Chickpea News Letter 11:


6..        Gaur, P.M. Gour, V.K. and Kanchan Singh (2004).  Induction and inheritance of a variegated leaf and apical chlorosis mutant in      chickpea (Cicer arietinum  L.). Ind. J. Genet. 64(3): 208-211.


7.         Gaur, P.M. Gour, V.K. and S. Shrinivasan. (2007).  An induced brachytic mutant of chickpea and its possible use in ideotype breeding. Euphytica. 133: 


Research Papers presented in Symposia/Conferences on Jatropha:


 1.        Gour, V.K. (2004). Cultivation and Management of Jatropha Curcas Plantations. Lecture delivered during the Training Programme on management of Medicinal Plants, organised by Deptt. of Plant Physiology, JNKVV, Jabalpur


2.         Tomar, V.S. and V.K. Gour (2004). Cultivation and management of Jatropha Curcas Plantations. Paper presented during the National Conference on “Bio-diesel for I.C. Engine Technologies & Strategies for Rural Application” Dec. 03-04, 2004, CIAE; Bhopal, M.P.


3.         Singh D.P. and V.K. Gour (2005). Jatropha Cultivation in Madhya Pradesh as a Component of Cropping System: Present Status & Strategy for Integrated Development.  Paper presented to formulate “National Strategy for Development of Jatropha” January 04, 2005, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi.


4.                  Tomar, V.S. and V.K. Gour (2005). Need and Promotion of Bio-diesel in Agriculture Sector: Status of Research & Development in madhya Pradesh.  Paper presented during the Group Meet on “Promotin of Biodiesel in Agriculture Sector “ Jan. 24, 2005, organised by IOC, Bhopal, M.P.


5.                  Gour V.K. (2006). Agricultural Practices and Yield Enhancement in Jatropha curcas. Invited Lecture delivered in Third International Biofuel Conference, organized by Winrock International-India, 18-19th Jan. 2006 at Le Meridian, New Delhi


6.                  Gour, V.K. (2006). Production Practices Including Post Harvest Management of Jatropha Curcas. Paper presented in National Conference on “Biodiesel : Towards Energy Independence – Focus on Jatropha” Organized by President’s Secretariate at Rashtrapati Nilyam, Bolaram, Hyderabad. 9-10th June 2006. p 223-251.


7.                  Gour, V.K. (2006). Package of Practices and Improvement Strategies in Jatropha curcas. Invited Lecture delivered in National Seminar on “Commercialization of Bio-diesel in the Northeast” organized by North East Development Corporation (NEDFi), 17-20th October, 2006, Guwahati, Assam.


8.                  Gour, V.K. (2006). Strategic plan and review of information on available production technology, quality planting material and kind of land required for Jatropha plantation. Status paper presented before the committee constituted by NOVOD Board, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, New Delhi.


9.                  Gour, V.K. (2007). Improvement of Jatropha curcas L.: Status and Strategies. Invited lecture delivered during the “Jatropha hi-tech Global Training Programme” organized at Jaipur from 11th-15th June 2007; by Center for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CPJ), Churu, Rajasthan.


10.              Gour, V.K. (2007). Cultivation and Management of Jatropha curcas L. to maximize production. Invited lecture delivered during the “Jatropha hi-tech Global Training Programme” organized at Jaipur from 11th-15th June 2007; by Center for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CPJ), Churu, Rajasthan.


11.              Gour, V.K. (2007). Jatropha for Biodiesel. Status paper presented during “Expert Consultation Workshop on Biofuels” held at IRRI; 27-29th Sept. 2007, Los banos, manila, Philippines




Perspectives in Grain Legumes : Ed(s) M.P. Janoria, V.K. Gour and C.B. Singh – 1984




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